Best Lacrosse Gear 2017 - Seven important pieces used in lacrosse

The game Lacrosse, requires immediate attention involving significant speed, focused ability-like, and the correct gear, you need to have the capacity to take your game to the greatest level. All things considered, the best lacrosse equipment should not involve overwhelming spikes or dull googles that don't provide the best comfort and stability. There’s an expression that goes, “it’s not how good you are, it’s how good you want to be.” So besides having the appearance of a kick butt lacrosse player with custom lacrosse uniforms, why not gear up with the best lacrosse gear and accessories on the market.

1. The STX Stallion 700 brings a certain element of combining form, function, and revolutionary technology that promotes the game of the elite midfielder. This lacrosse head allows the lacrosse stick a much quicker scoop response during midfield play and lessen the scoop dragging across the turf or grass. The shape of the scoop is made for speed, 25% stiffer and 5% lighter than the older models.

2. When it comes to protecting your eyes, ladies, the STX 4 Sight Plus may be your top pick for women’s lacrosse goggles with bringing some fashion into the game. Aside from the option of 10 different colors choices, these googles enhance your vision and built with impact resistance with oval shaped wires protecting your face. Not only are the STX 4 goggles bringing maximum comfort, but they’re easy to clean.

3. We know that when it comes to gloves, we want to make sure all these factors are looked at:

  • Comfort

  • Protection

  • Grip

  • Ventilation

  • Price

The Maverik Rome RX3 Gloves have been named as the top gloves on the lacrosse market. Already having a reputation on the market for providing some of the best glove company in sports, it’s no secret, these lacrosse gloves give off amazing texture and flexibility. They’re made to give you a better feel with grip-ease capability and the best protection for your hands.

4. Of course, the goalies must be wondering what about chest protectors. Well, the STX Shield 500 has been receiving great reviews in providing protection to such areas like the collar bone. That’s a big thanks to STX upgrading their chest plate. Many of the pros appreciate the back-strap fitting system as it kept the pad in place in in the right position. The lacrosse goalie chest protector not only stretches for better upper body movement, but it has a removable stomach pad for optional, additional coverage also.

5. Speaking of chest protection, the best lacrosse should pads on the market is the STX Cell 3. These pads are equipped with new softer exo-skeleton, making it comfortable to move around the field, while being protected. One key factor that gives these lacrosse shoulder pads a great review are the rib straps that have some slim new padding that adds a bit of rib protection without bulking.

*BONUS* There elbow pads are worth looking at too.

6. Keep in mind that not all cleats are the same. In the sport of lacrosse, a certain type of cleat is necessary to protect the player and to allow him or her to have the absolute best chance of being successful on the field. Now given your preference of cleat height for lacrosse cleats, we are going to speak on high range. The Under Armour Highlight MC Cleats give your footing much better traction with optimal comfort dominating the field.

7. This section will provide the best for adults and the next generation of lacrosse stars. Our best lacrosse helmet overall would be the STX Stallion taking the crown. The STX Stallion selection features an improved fitting, custom design and a great protection system from concussions.

And for our young lacrosse athletes, there are great reviews with the Cascade CS-R. The best young lacrosse helmet for children, has a great track record for lasting more than just one season and easily adjustable with cheek padding.

Once you are fully equipped with the ultimate lacrosse gear, the presence is complete. You have the best custom lacrosse jersey, the top equipment, now you can dominate the field.

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